Photography by Feltes


Introduction to our new fully online paperless system


Prior to picture day you should receive these instructions or your child may bring them home to you from their picture day. If you have not received them and wish to view your child’s photos hit the request code button on our website and fill out the form. You should receive your code in less than 2 business days.


Follow the 3 step process on your phone and you’ll be opted in.


  1. Download the PhotoDay Galleries App on your phone.

  2. Text “your code” to 90738 

  3. Save 10% by purchasing AdvancePay credit by the specific date listed about 3 days after photos are taken, and purchase your photos within one week.


You can also see your photos by visiting (using gallery Code)


Here are some tips for ordering


  1. Important dates: Advance pay deadline, When images are ready to view and order, 10% off order deadline.

  2. If you opt in with the phone app, you will receive a text when the images are ready to view and order.

  3. You will have the option to find your child’s photos one of 3 ways: All Photos (Taken at Event), Tags (grouped by Team/Class), Or Face Find (facial recognition).

  4. Click on the first image you want to order, then click BUY. This will display all packages and prints available to order. The packages are displayed first. Scroll past the packages to see all individual prints available to purchase.

  5. This system allows you ro order multiple poses within a package and within your order. Team/Group images can be ordered just like an individual pose. The system does not differentiate between these. We recommend ordering a team/group no smaller than a 5x7,

  6. When an image is selected to order, crop marks will display. You can leave the cropping as is or change it. You are in control of the cropping. Be careful not to crop (the person or group) too close to the edge.

  7. Individual poses are available to purchase digitally. Team/Group are not available as digital images.

  8. All Sales are final. You are able to view all images prior to ordering.